Bacon! One of the best and most delicious food ever created and man I love taking a bite out of a crispy bacon it fills my mouth with happiness and deliciousnesses! I know that some people doesn’t like Bacon or any other pork products because of either their religious beliefs or they never tasted it before so they think its disgusting but seriously give it a try I promise you bacon will be the most delicious meat you’ll ever taste. About religion prohibiting pork I have a question Why does every major religion forbids people from eating porkBacon and other pork products does come from an unclean and dirty animal like a pig but prohibiting a type of meat just because it comes from an unclean animal just sounds stupid to me. Anyways thats their opinion about pork being the most disgusting meat of all time my opinion is pork is delicious and its my life!




Trump 2016

Why am I voting for Donald Trump? Well its because I believe he is the only man that can save this crippled country from Illegal Immigration and Terrorism. I don’t know why so many people hate him so much and think he is a racist but too be honest he’s not a racist he is not against anyone he is only against illegal immigration. Technically I’m Hispanic myself and I support him because I believe illegal immigration is a threat to our beloved nation due to all the drug smuggling and criminals trying to enter our country through our borders. Voting for Hillary on the other hand is considered a bad idea because she will ruin this country and try to smuggle in hundreds and thousands of illegal immigrants not just from Mexico but also from Latin America, South America and probably the Middle East. This blog post will show that Trump is a great man and he will be the one to help save this country from illegal immigration and terrorism. He was calling Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals but he’s actually talking about Mexicans who come here illegally not all Mexicans in general and the wall will be a very good idea to help secure our borders from illegal aliens. He also said on planning to ban Muslims from entering the U.S but the reason why he wants to is because we are not sure who is threat and who is not. In other words, the Muslim ban is to help protect this country from radical Muslim extremists and anyone who is linked to terrorist groups. Trump 2016!!!!



My best and one of my favorite type of meat is Pork! Why? Because the I just love the taste of Pork one bite of a piece of Bacon makes my taste buds explode with delicious taste. Pork is the only meat that is bad for you because it contains bacteria and other harmful stuff but too be honest I don’t care I just the taste of it. For those who say Pork is disgusting well let me tell you something you’re a loser if you think Pork is the most disgusting meat because the reason is you never tasted it before  and you might think its disgusting but trust me the taste of Pork will enlightened your mouth. Also there are many religions that forbids people from eating Pork because its unhealthy and contain bacteria but seriously I think that is just dumb why would God care about what meat you have to eat seriously that is just retarded in my opinion. Pork are considered unhealthy and nasty because they say that it comes from an unclean animal like a pig but that’s their opinion about pork being unhealthy my opinion about pork is that its delicious and gives my mouth a burst of flavor. I too love chicken even fried chicken but pork is my life and will always be one of my top 10 favorite foods!pork-009.jpg

Why is Trump Winning The Election?

cleveland-7592.jpgWhy is Trump winning the election? Well maybe its because of the terrorist attacks happening daily in the U.S and people are starting to feel unsafe with all the attacks on American soil. Trump will make this country safe from the terrorist attacks that happened throughout the past few weeks like the San Bernardino attack and the Orlando night club shooting. Making America safe is one our top priorities because we want to keep our people safe and make this country better than ever. One terrorist attack happened this week was the Manhattan Bombing caused by Ahmed Khan , a person said to be radicalized by Terrorist group. The bomb in Manhattan went off before Trump landed after his trip to Mexico to meet with the Mexican president and Trump said the bomb went off in New York. Trump said ”Its a terrible thing what’s going on in our world, what’s going on in our country, but we are going to get tough and smart and vigilant and we are going to end it.”