Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration is a huge problem and also a threat to the United States because of drug smuggling occurring at the border between Mexico and the US and criminals trying to sneak inside the country by using the Mexican US border to their advantage. Most of the immigrants that here in America illegally come from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, and other Latin American countries and other immigrants that here illegally possibly came from South America and also the Middle East. The reason why I’m making this blog post is because of Trump’s immigration policies and since now he is the 45th president of the United States, he will do something about all the illegal immigration that’s happening by building the wall between Mexico and the US and deport millions of undocumented immigrants that came here illegally. Illegal Immigration is the reason why so many Americans support Trump and his immigration policies because they believe that illegals aren’t the only ones that are crossing the border but criminals, drug smugglers, and terrorists are also trying to sneak in to do harm to America. I know many people hate Trump because they were either born in a illegal family that came here illegally or they’re illegal immigrants themselves but my family actually came to America legally while me on the other hand was born here in the US. There is no point of coming to a better country like America illegally to escape the problems in your own country but seriously just come here legally and you’ll be fine!illegal-immigration-7714.jpg



Who are the Terrorists? Well eventually there are many terrorist groups like Al Qaida, Taliban, Hamas and ISIS and they all have one thing in common which is they all hate the West. What does a Terrorist do? They terrorize innocents and other countries including Western countries because they want to strike fear into the hearts of unbelievers. What are their beliefs or religion? Terrorism has no religion because religion doesn’t teach violence but when I see the news or the media people say that Muslims are terrorists because of the terrorist attacks occurring daily. Why do the media stereotype Muslims as Terrorists? They stereotype Muslims as terrorists because of the recent terrorist attacks and they shout ”Allah Akbar!” before blowing themselves up with explosive suicide vests. The term ”Allah Akbar” is a religious word mostly said by Muslims to honor their God during prayer but when them terrorists yell that word during an attack and blow themselves up then everybody thinks they are Muslims. I honestly am a ignorant person and when I hear someone saying Muslims are terrorists then I actually do kind of believe them because if the media says it then it must be true.

Religion is Cancer!

This post is not meant to offend anyone’s beliefs or backgrounds but to be honest I truly think ALL religions are cancer because their ideologies teaches violence, hate and racism. I’m actually proud to be an Atheist instead of some religious uneducated person because we Atheists don’t believe in God or Satan and we are not that violent not like Christians, Jews and Muslims who can become very violent barbaric uneducated inhuman savages. I use to be a Christian when I was young and go to church every Sunday to worship God but then I left the religion because I started to lose faith in my religion and I believe that God is nothing more than a fairy tale like Bigfoot and the Tooth fairy. I then became Atheist as well as my sister because worshipping God is extremely boring and religion is cancerous . And again if this post either offends your beliefs  or you have a problem for what I’m saying then don’t even bother reading this! #AtheismTheTruth! #NoMoreReligion!


Why People take Drugs? Well its because many people are addicted to many kinds of drugs like Weed, Cocaine, and Heroine and they can’t help themselves because of their addiction of drugs. Mexico is one country that has the most drugs made there and smuggle those drugs to other countries like US. There are good drugs that we humans use everyday and bad drugs that humans are highly addicted to like Weed and Cocaine. Medicine are drugs that we humans use everyday and are not harmful but the bad drugs are Weed, Cocaine and Heroine that causes harm to the human body and the individual that is using those drugs is going to be highly addicted to them and start abusing those kinds of drugs. I know many people do drugs and I also noticed that my friends also talk about drugs but I don’t do drugs because I was raise too well on that kind of stuff and I know drugs are very harmful to me. #DRUGS MAKE YOU HIGH!drugs.jpg

The Clown Problem


Killer Clowns are terrorizing America! I see many videos on YouTube where dozens of people are getting attacked by killer clowns wielding lethal weapons such as knives and stuff. Others may see clowns scary and terrorizing as hell but to me they don’t scare me because I find that stupid and ridiculous of being scared of clowns and besides I’m a grown man I mean why in the hell would I be scared of clowns if I’m a man now? This may sound stupid but I actually wish I saw a killer clown near my neighborhood and get chased by one because it sounds kind of fun and terrorized getting chased by a clown I’m not crazy or anything I’m just clowning around!

Sour Patch


My number one best favorite candy is Sour Patch! Some people might say that Sour Patch is not the best candy and that Kit Kat might be the best or Skittles or any of those candies but my opinion is Sour Patch is the best because of the sour flavor. The sour taste is what makes my mouth burst with flavor and I squeeze my eyes for effect. The candy is colorful from Red to Green to Yellow to Orange and each and every one of them tastes wonderful.

Boom Beach


One of my best mobile games is Boom Beach because its a fun game to play and the graphics are really cool. Its my favorite mobile game of all games because you could play against players from around the world and you get to chat with players in your task force. Most people like Clash of Clans I know that for sure but Boom Beach is my most favorable game because its addicting to me and I play it everyday. I just enjoy attacking other players worldwide and building up my home base and whats most good about this game is that there are operation bases to attack with your task force members and plus you get to chat with people that are in your TF.