Is Islam Peaceful?


This blog is not meant to offend anyone but the reason I’m posting this blog is because I want to show everyone the truth about the religion of Islam. The truth about Islam is that it is actually a political ideology that promotes violence against the non believers, infidels, women and homosexuals and world domination is the main goal of the ”religion of peace”. Muslims who think that Islam is a peaceful religion and does not tolerate violence against the non believers is totally biased and stupid because Muslims know that their religion promotes violence against infidels and gays but they don’t want to admit it. The history of Islam is simple which is that Prophet Muhammad had slaves and treated them unfairly plus Muslims invaded other countries like Spain, India and Persia to spread their religion by sword not wisdom. Many people who didn’t accept Islam or left the religion were either executed or raped because they were considered apostates or infidels for not accepting Islamic customs. Many verses in the Quran tells Muslim believers to kill apostates who leaves the Islamic religion and kill people from other faiths such as Christians, Jews, etc. Wife beating is also very popular in the Islamic religion as well as rape and pedophilia which is more proof that Islam and Muslims aren’t peaceful what so ever so claiming that Islam is the most peaceful religion on Earth is a waste of knowledge. Majority of Muslims living in Western countries wants to install Sharia Law which is the law of God instead of following Western laws and by the way Sharia Law treats women unfairly, promotes killings of Christians and Jews, promotes violence against Homosexuals, etc. If you feel offended by this blog then please don’t even bother reading this!


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