Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration is a huge problem and also a threat to the United States because of drug smuggling occurring at the border between Mexico and the US and criminals trying to sneak inside the country by using the Mexican US border to their advantage. Most of the immigrants that here in America illegally come from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, and other Latin American countries and other immigrants that here illegally possibly came from South America and also the Middle East. The reason why I’m making this blog post is because of Trump’s immigration policies and since now he is the 45th president of the United States, he will do something about all the illegal immigration that’s happening by building the wall between Mexico and the US and deport millions of undocumented immigrants that came here illegally. Illegal Immigration is the reason why so many Americans support Trump and his immigration policies because they believe that illegals aren’t the only ones that are crossing the border but criminals, drug smugglers, and terrorists are also trying to sneak in to do harm to America. I know many people hate Trump because they were either born in a illegal family that came here illegally or they’re illegal immigrants themselves but my family actually came to America legally while me on the other hand was born here in the US. There is no point of coming to a better country like America illegally to escape the problems in your own country but seriously just come here legally and you’ll be fine!illegal-immigration-7714.jpg

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