Who are the Terrorists? Well eventually there are many terrorist groups like Al Qaida, Taliban, Hamas and ISIS and they all have one thing in common which is they all hate the West. What does a Terrorist do? They terrorize innocents and other countries including Western countries because they want to strike fear into the hearts of unbelievers. What are their beliefs or religion? Terrorism has no religion because religion doesn’t teach violence but when I see the news or the media people say that Muslims are terrorists because of the terrorist attacks occurring daily. Why do the media stereotype Muslims as Terrorists? They stereotype Muslims as terrorists because of the recent terrorist attacks and they shout ”Allah Akbar!” before blowing themselves up with explosive suicide vests. The term ”Allah Akbar” is a religious word mostly said by Muslims to honor their God during prayer but when them terrorists yell that word during an attack and blow themselves up then everybody thinks they are Muslims. I honestly am a ignorant person and when I hear someone saying Muslims are terrorists then I actually do kind of believe them because if the media says it then it must be true.

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