Religion is Cancer!

This post is not meant to offend anyone’s beliefs or backgrounds but to be honest I truly think ALL religions are cancer because their ideologies teaches violence, hate and racism. I’m actually proud to be an Atheist instead of some religious uneducated person because we Atheists don’t believe in God or Satan and we are not that violent not like Christians, Jews and Muslims who can become very violent barbaric uneducated inhuman savages. I use to be a Christian when I was young and go to church every Sunday to worship God but then I left the religion because I started to lose faith in my religion and I believe that God is nothing more than a fairy tale like Bigfoot and the Tooth fairy. I then became Atheist as well as my sister because worshipping God is extremely boring and religion is cancerous . And again if this post either offends your beliefs  or you have a problem for what I’m saying then don’t even bother reading this! #AtheismTheTruth! #NoMoreReligion!

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