Trump 2016

Why am I voting for Donald Trump? Well its because I believe he is the only man that can save this crippled country from Illegal Immigration and Terrorism. I don’t know why so many people hate him so much and think he is a racist but too be honest he’s not a racist he is not against anyone he is only against illegal immigration. Technically I’m Hispanic myself and I support him because I believe illegal immigration is a threat to our beloved nation due to all the drug smuggling and criminals trying to enter our country through our borders. Voting for Hillary on the other hand is considered a bad idea because she will ruin this country and try to smuggle in hundreds and thousands of illegal immigrants not just from Mexico but also from Latin America, South America and probably the Middle East. This blog post will show that Trump is a great man and he will be the one to help save this country from illegal immigration and terrorism. He was calling Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals but he’s actually talking about Mexicans who come here illegally not all Mexicans in general and the wall will be a very good idea to help secure our borders from illegal aliens. He also said on planning to ban Muslims from entering the U.S but the reason why he wants to is because we are not sure who is threat and who is not. In other words, the Muslim ban is to help protect this country from radical Muslim extremists and anyone who is linked to terrorist groups. Trump 2016!!!!


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