My best and one of my favorite type of meat is Pork! Why? Because the I just love the taste of Pork one bite of a piece of Bacon makes my taste buds explode with delicious taste. Pork is the only meat that is bad for you because it contains bacteria and other harmful stuff but too be honest I don’t care I just the taste of it. For those who say Pork is disgusting well let me tell you something you’re a loser if you think Pork is the most disgusting meat because the reason is you never tasted it before  and you might think its disgusting but trust me the taste of Pork will enlightened your mouth. Also there are many religions that forbids people from eating Pork because its unhealthy and contain bacteria but seriously I think that is just dumb why would God care about what meat you have to eat seriously that is just retarded in my opinion. Pork are considered unhealthy and nasty because they say that it comes from an unclean animal like a pig but that’s their opinion about pork being unhealthy my opinion about pork is that its delicious and gives my mouth a burst of flavor. I too love chicken even fried chicken but pork is my life and will always be one of my top 10 favorite foods!pork-009.jpg


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