Why is Trump Winning The Election?

cleveland-7592.jpgWhy is Trump winning the election? Well maybe its because of the terrorist attacks happening daily in the U.S and people are starting to feel unsafe with all the attacks on American soil. Trump will make this country safe from the terrorist attacks that happened throughout the past few weeks like the San Bernardino attack and the Orlando night club shooting. Making America safe is one our top priorities because we want to keep our people safe and make this country better than ever. One terrorist attack happened this week was the Manhattan Bombing caused by Ahmed Khan , a person said to be radicalized by Terrorist group. The bomb in Manhattan went off before Trump landed after his trip to Mexico to meet with the Mexican president and Trump said the bomb went off in New York. Trump said ”Its a terrible thing what’s going on in our world, what’s going on in our country, but we are going to get tough and smart and vigilant and we are going to end it.”

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